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Farzad Jalali-Yazdi, Jasmine M. Corbin, Terry T. Takahashi, Richard W. Roberts* "Robust, Quantitative Analysis of Proteins using Peptide Immunoreagents, In Vitro Translation, and an Ultrasensitive Acoustic Resonant Sensor" (in review at Analytical Chemistry)
Mora, R. J., Roberts, R. W., and Arnold, D. B. (2013) Recombinant probes reveal dynamic localization of CaMKIIalpha within somata of cortical neurons, J. Neurosci. 33, 14579-14590 (PDF)
Garrett G. Gross, Jason A. Junge, Rudy J. Mora, Hyung-Bae Kwon, C. Anders Olson, Terry T. Takahashi, Emily R. Liman, Graham C. Ellis-Davies, Aaron W. McGee, Bernardo L. Sabatini, Richard W. Roberts*, and Don B. Arnold* "Recombinant probes for visualizing endogenous proteins in living cells," Neuron 78 971-985 (2013). (PDF)

This manuscript was featured by Francis Collins on the NIH Directors Blog in July of 2013

Liang Xiao, Kuo-Chan Hung, Terry T. Takahashi, Kye-Il Joo, Matthew Lim, Richard W. Roberts* and Pin Wang* Antibody-Mimetic Ligand Selected by mRNA Display Targets DC-SIGN for Dendritic Cell-Directed Antigen Delivery, ACS Chem. Biol. 8, 967-977 (2013). (PDF)
C. Anders Olson , J. Nie, J. Diep, J., I. Al-Shyoukh, Terry T. Takahashi, L. Q. Al-Mawsawi, J. M. Bolin A. L. Elwell, S. Swanson, Swanson, R. Stewart, J. A. Thomson, H. Tom Soh, Richard W. Roberts, and Ren Sun (2012) Single-Round, Multiplexed Antibody Mimetic Design through mRNA Display, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 51, 12449-12453. (PDF)
C. Anders Olson, J. D. Adams, Terry T. Takahashi, H. Qi, Shannon M. Howell, T. T. Wu, Richard W. Roberts, Ren Sun, and H. Tom Soh, "Rapid mRNA-Display Selection of an IL-6 Inhibitor Using Continuous-Flow Magnetic Separation," Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 50, 8295-8298 (2011). (PDF)
Fumiaki N. Ishikawa, Marco Curreli, C. Anders Olson, Hsiang-I Liao, Ren Sun, Richard W. Roberts, Richard J. Cote, Mark E. Thompson, and Chongwu Zhou* “Importance of Controlling Nanotube Density for Highly Sensitive and Reliable Biosensors Functional in Physiological Conditions” ACS Nano, 4, 6914–6922 (2010). [PMCID: PMC2901922] (PDF)
Xin Qi, Tianbing Xia, and Richard W. Roberts* “Acridine-N Peptide Conjugates Display Enhanced Affinity and Specificity for boxB RNA Targets” Biochemistry, 2010. 49 5782–5789 (2010). [PMCID: PMC2901922] (PDF)
William W. Ja, Gil. B. Carvalho, Marisol Madrigal, Richard W. Roberts, and Seymour Benzer, The Drosophila G protein-coupled receptor, Methuselah, exhibits a promiscuous response to peptides, Protein Science 18 2203-2208 (2009). [PMID: 19672878] (PDF)
Fumiaki N. Ishikawa, Hsiao-Kang Chang, Marco Curreli, Hsiang-I Liao, C. Anders Olson, Po-Chiang Chen, Rui Zhang, Richard W. Roberts, Ren Sun, Richard J. Cote, Mark E. Thompson, Chongwu Zhou, Label Free, Electrical Detection of the SARS Virus N-Protein Utilizing Nanowire Biosensors and 10FnIII Antibody Mimics as Capture Probes, ACS Nano 3 (5) 1219-1224 (2009). [PMCID: PMC2765574] (PDF)
Terry T. Takahashi* and Richard W. Roberts* "In Vitro Selection of Protein and Peptide Libraries Using mRNA Display" in Methods in Molecular Biology (Mayer, G., Ed.), 535, 293-314 (Humana Press, Totowa, NJ) (2009). [no PMCID, edited book chapter] (PDF)
Hsiang-Yi Liao, C. Anders Olson, Seungmin Hwang, Hongyu Deng, Elaine Wong, Ralph S. Baric, Richard W. Roberts, and Ren Sun* "mRNA Display Design of Fibronectin-based Intrabodies That Detect and Inhibit Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein", J.Biol. Chem., 284 (26) 17512-20 (2009). [PMCID: PMC2719390](PDF)
Shelley R. Starck, Y. Ow, V. Jiang, M. Tokuyama, M. Rivera, X. Qi, Richard W. Roberts, and Nilabh Shastri* "A distinct translation initiation mechanism generates cryptic peptides for immune surveillance", (2008) .PLoS ONE, 3, e3460. [PMCID: PMC2565129].(PDF)
C. Anders Olson, Hsiang-I Liao, Ren Sun, Richard W. Roberts, "Phosphospecific 10FnIII Intrabodies Targeting IkB" (2008), ACS Chemical Biology 3, 480-485, [PMCID: PMC2962918].(PDF)
Stephen V. Fiacco and Richard W. Roberts*, "N-Methyl Scanning Mutagenesis Generates G-protein Core Motifs with Protease Resistance, Increased Binding Affinity, and Enhanced Selectivity." ChemBioChem, (2008), 9, 2200-3, [PMCID: PMC2962921]. (PDF)
Ryan J. Austin, William Ja, and Richard W. Roberts,* "Evolution of Class-Specific Peptides Targeting a Hot Spot of the Gαs Subunit" J. Mol. Biol. (2008) 377, 1406–1418. (PDF)
Steven W. Millward†, Stephen Fiacco‡, Ryan J. Austin‡, and Richard W. Roberts‡,* "Design of Cyclic Peptides That Bind Protein Surfaces with Antibody-Like Affinity " ACS Chem. Bio. 2007 Vol. 2 No. 9 (625-634). (PDF)
William Ja, Anthony West, Silvia Delker, Pamela Bjorkman, Seymour Benzer, Richard Roberts, "Extension of Drosophilia melanogaster life span with a GPCR peptide inhibitor." Nat. Chem. Bio. 2007 Vol 3 No. 7 (415-419). (PDF)
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William W. Ja, Ofer Wiser, Ryan J. Austin, Lily Y. Jan, Richard W. Roberts.* "Turning G Proteins On and Off Using Peptide Ligands." ACS Chem. Biol. 1 (9), 570–574, 2006 (PDF)
Ofer Wiser, Xiang Qian, Melissa Ehlers, William W. Ja, Richard W. Roberts, Eitan Reuveny, Yuh Nung Jan, and Lily Yeh Jan "Modulation of Basal and Receptor-Induced GIRK Potassium Channel Activity and Neuronal Excitability by the Mammalian PINS Homolog LGN" Neuron 50, 561–573, May 18, 2006 (PDF)
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William W. Ja, Anirban Adhikari, Ryan J. Austin, Stephen R. Sprang, and Richard W. Roberts.* "A Peptide Core Motif for Binding Heterotrimeric G protein ± Subunits" Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 32057-60 (2005).(PDF)
William W. Ja and Richard W. Roberts.* "Epitope Mapping Using mRNA Display and a Unidirectional Nested Deletion Library" Protein Engineering, Design, and Selection 18 309-19 (2005).(PDF)
W. Bryan Smith, Shelley R. Starck, Richard W. Roberts, and Erin M. Schuman.* "Dopaminergic Stimulation of Local Protein Synthesis Enhances Surface Expression of GluR1 and Synaptic Transmission" Neuron 45 765-779 (2005).(PDF)
Richard W. Roberts.* Engineering Switches, Genetically" Chemistry & Biology 11 1475-1476 (2004); this article is a preview of G. Guntas, S. F. Mitchell, M. Ostermeier "A Molecular Switch Created by In Vitro Recombination of Non-Homologous Genes" Chemistry & Biology 11 1483-87 (2004).(PDF)
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