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SB (Sodium Borate) Buffer, 20x

by lance last modified 2006-11-03 16:09

Short protocol describing the production of 20x SB buffer for use in agarose gel electrophoresis.

8g NaOH
45g Boric Acid
to 1 liter with MilliQ H20

Use this in your gel when making your agarose.

I normally use a 2% gel. 2% by weight of Agarose

to 1x SB buffer (assume it's the same density as

water, you really don't have to be that exact)

Also use 1x SB as your running buffer and SB in

your loading buffer. This is very important, otherwise

you will get smearing in your bands.

Lastly, the gel may be run at higher voltages, 300v or so

for no more than 5minutes for a 2% gel. If you use High

Melt agarose, you can probably run it longer. Also, if you

have a higher concentration gel you can run it longer. This

part I leave up to you to optimize.


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